Obesity Reviews devoted a special issue to the SPOTLIGHT project, fully Open Access, with new findings and reflections from Work Package 3. Click here to read more.
WP7: Dissemination and take-up of finding
Main objectives:
  1. To integrate the results of WP 2-6
  2. To provide an evidence-based model for effective multi-level intervention approaches in health promotion practice applicable across European regions
  3. To facilitate dissemination and feed-back among the main stake holders, including stakeholders in research health promotion and policy-formation, as well as interactive dissemination among the general public including school-children and their families, mothers-to-be and older people
  1. A manual of the synthesised model based on WP 2-6 results and a set of handbooks/guidance documents: - The manual of the synthesised model will include evidence-based and practice-based instructions, suggestions and references to best practices based on the results of WP2-6. - The set of short handbooks and guidance documents will be about the results and implications of the SPOTLIGHT project
  2. Communication material
WP leader: IASO-IOTF