Obesity Reviews devoted a special issue to the SPOTLIGHT project, fully Open Access, with new findings and reflections from Work Package 3. Click here to read more.
WP3: Obesogenicity of environments
Main objectives:
  1. To provide an updated and extended overview of environmental determinants of overweight and obesity, focusing on their impact on dietary behaviour, physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  2. To develop and validate an innovative protocol for the assessment of the obesogenicity of the build environment using remote imaging in multiple settings
  3. To assess the actual environmental obesogenicity in selected neighbourhoods in four European Member States, and link this with health measures and behavioural characteristics of inhabitants of those neighbourhoods
  4. To create a cross-European obesogenicity database of selected environments
  1. Reports on systematic reviews on the obesogenicity of environments
  2. A report on the development and validation of an innovative instrument to collect data on obesogenicity
  3. A report on the association between community level factors and diet, physical activity, and BMI
WP leader: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom