Obesity Reviews devoted a special issue to the SPOTLIGHT project, fully Open Access, with new findings and reflections from Work Package 3. Click here to read more.
Prof. Jacob (Jaap) C. Seidell (PhD)
Prof. Jacob (Jaap) C. Seidell (PhD) is professor of Nutrition and Health, and director of the Institute for Health Sciences at the School of Health & Life Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit and the VUA, the Netherlands. He is also scientific director of the Research Center on Obesity Prevention Zwolle (OPOZ), board member of the Information Center for Overweight (KCO), chairman of the Partnership Overweight Netherlands (PON), chairman of the scientific advisory board of the European EPODE Network and chairman of the scientific committee of the Choices Foundation (on food labelling and nutrient profiling). His research topics include: epidemiological studies on the causes and consequences of overweight and obesity and related disorders, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions aimed at prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity and related disorders.