Obesity Reviews devoted a special issue to the SPOTLIGHT project, fully Open Access, with new findings and reflections from Work Package 3. Click here to read more.
Maher Ben Rebah (PhD)
Maher Ben Rebah is a geographer and Post-doctoral researcher at the Nutrition Epidemiology Unit (UP13). His PhD (2008) focused on spatio-temporal data analysis, GIS and spatial planning. In 2008-2010, He held a post-doctoral position, as a scientific coordinator of the European project “Espon database and data development” led by the University Paris Diderot Paris 7 (UMS RIATE). 2011-2012, he worked as a post-doctoral research at the University of Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1. He was in charge of the coordination of an Interactive Atlas of “the Cross-border zone of Central Andes”. Since October 2012, he is involved in WP3 of the SPOTLIGHT project.