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Prof. Róza Ádány (MD, PhD, DSc)
Prof. Róza Ádány is the dean of the Faculty, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, founding Dean of the Faculty of Public Health of the UD, Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine, leader of the Public Health Research Group funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), president of the Scientific Committee on Preventive Medicine of HAS, chairperson of the College of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, president of the National Association of Public Health Training and Research Centres, member of the National Committee on Public Health Genomics and chief editor of the journal ‘Népegészségügy’ (Public Health). Her scientific research in the past decades achieved international significance regarding the identification of susceptibility biomarkers of neoplastic and cardiovascular diseases; investigation of the structure and causes of premature mortality of the Hungarian population; and evaluation of interventions aiming at the improved efficiency of prevention. The number of her scientific publications is 242 with a cumulative impact factor of 424; her studies have been cited over 1650 times by foreign authors. She took substantive part in the launch of the Hungarian public health programme. She received several prestigious Hungarian and international awards in acknowledgement of her work.