Obesity Reviews devoted a special issue to the SPOTLIGHT project, fully Open Access, with new findings and reflections from Work Package 3. Click here to read more.
Aileen Robertson (PhD)
Aileen Robertson is based at the Department of Global Nutrition and Health at the PM. She carried out her post-graduate studies with Professor Philip James (now chairman of the IASO) at the Rowett Research Institute, Scotland. She was Regional Adviser for Nutrition Policy and Food Security (1992-2004) at WHO in the European Region, where she was instrumental in the endorsement of the First Action Plan for Food and Nutrition Policy. She is co-author of several (chapters of) health and nutrition related books and was commissioned to carry out an international comparison of nutrition policies in Scotland and 12 other countries. She was a partner in several DG SANCO funded projects including EMOB (Mapping of obesity intervention projects in Europe); EUNUTNET (public health nutrition and physical activity initiative); PolMark and STANMARK from DG Relex. She is a member of the scientific advisory group of IOTF.