Kim Dotcom wants to officially promote Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH gets another boost

Political activist Kim Dotcom has officially joined the Bitcoin Cash community. His goal is to make Bitcoin Cash the leading digital payment solution in the world.

Kim Dotcom is an internet entrepreneur with German and Finnish citizenship. He was born Kim Schmitz in Kiel, Germany, and gained fame primarily as a diversely active hacker as well as the operator of the share hoster Megaupload. He currently lives in New Zealand.

To Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via Twitter

Dotcom announced his “joining” of Bitcoin Cash via Twitter. It stated:

I hereby officially join the effort to make Bitcoin Cash the world’s leading electronic money solution.

In doing so, I will help accelerate the use of BCH in the real world and through online merchants, and grow the user base.

I know how to make that happen. Join in.

Asked on Twitter why he supported Bitcoin Cash, Dotcom replied:

Because it works. Low fees, fast transactions, easy to use and secure. I looked at all cryptos for my upcoming innovations and Bitcoin Cash meets all the requirements.

Bitcoin Cash has already been implemented by more than 100,000 merchants and their number continues to increase rapidly.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2017 by a fork of Bitcoin. The goal of the fork was to make Bitcoin Cash faster than Bitcoin.

Currently, Bitcoin Cash ranks sixth on the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
Here’s how Dotcom wants to advance Bitcoin Cash

To promote it, Dotcom said he wants to use his network and the power of “genius marketing” to make Bitcoin Cash more popular and well-known among the general public than any other cryptocurrency.

At the same time, he added that Bitcoin (BTC) worked better as a store of value. Bitcoin Cash, however, is better suited for online payments, he said.

Dotcom had already announced on January 4 that his content monetization service “K.IM” would use Bitcoin Cash. Through K.IM, anyone will be able to manage, protect and sell digital content.

The reactions

Reactions from other Twitter users to the current announcement were mixed. About a third were pleased, a third had questions as well as doubts, and the final third thought the prospect was ridiculous. Some of the comments pointed to other cryptocurrencies that served the same purposes as Bitcoin Cash, only better. Nano (NANO) was the most mentioned of these.

Dotcom took little part in these discussions, but stated that the winners of the “crypto race” would be determined based on usage.