Buy a House or Bitcoin: Which is the Better Investment?

• The UK property market has outperformed crypto in 2022, posting a 10.4% increase in house prices compared to a 40.9% drop for bitcoin.
• Despite economic headwinds dampening the rate of house price growth, buying a house is still seen as a safer investment than buying bitcoin due to its historical resilience and stability.
• However, tying up much of one’s wealth into a 25 year mortgage may not be the best strategy in times of economic turbulence.

UK Property Market Outperforms Crypto

The UK property market has been steadily rising since the 1960s and despite the Great Recession of 2007-2009, it has continued to post annual increases in house prices. This trend was further evidenced in 2022 when house prices went up 10.4%, while bitcoin dropped 40.9%. Alice Bullard, Managing Director at Nested estate agents commented on this performance saying: “The UK property market has not only posted a strong and steady performance in recent years but has outperformed the two leading crypto coins on an annual basis, despite economic headwinds dampening the rate of house price growth seen towards the back end of 2022.”

Why Buy A House?

With money available to be spent, many people choose to buy a house instead of investing in Bitcoin due to its long-term stability and historical resilience during times of economic uncertainty or recession. Bricks and mortar is often seen as one of the safest places to put your wealth as it is traditionally considered that over time it will always go up in value regardless of any external factors affecting its performance.

Risks Of Investing In Property

It could be argued however that housing prices are now massively overvalued as they have been increasing for decades with no major blips aside from during the Great Recession period – meaning there could be some risk involved with investing heavily in property such as higher interest rates making mortgages more difficult to pay off or sudden changes that occur during turbulent economic periods making them difficult to manage or liquidate quickly if necessary.

Benefits Of Investing In Crypto

On the other hand, investing in Bitcoin means having access to more options when it comes to managing your investments during uncertain times like those we are currently facing due to Covid-19 and other global issues such as Brexit etc.. As Bitcoin goes through regular bull and bear cycles then investors can make quick profits by selling off their Bitcoins at peak points before buying back into them when they bottom out again – something which isn’t possible with bricks and mortar investments such as houses which take longer periods time before any returns can be realized from them.


Ultimately it depends on personal preference whether you invest your money into real estate or cryptocurrency – but both have their advantages and disadvantages which should be taken into account before committing large sums of money either way!